Frag FX Piranha

SPL1004 EAN 7640113240110
SPL1004 EAN 7640113240110

The new 2010 controller FRAGFX PIRANHA works with most games and game styles!
FRAGFX PIRANHA contains many features and customization options with no installation required.
Plug And Play on PS3 and you are ready to go fragging!

The FRAGFX PIRANHA gives you that same PC style game-play feeling on the PS3 and doubles as an optimized mouse for PS Home and Browser navigation. Faster, more accurate and easier to use than a standard PS3 controller. You can dynamically program the motion and mouse sensitivity.

This controller does not have SIXAXIS support.

Key Features:

• Customizable button mapping
• Adjustable Rapid Fire
• Precision Gaming Mouse with adjustable analog button sensitivity
• On the fly Mouse sensitivity for ultimate control
• Wired (3 m) for exceptional performance