Wired Controller PS3

SB904738<br>EAN: 4039621904738
EAN: 4039621904738
  • Wired Controller for use with PlayStation 3
  • Inclusive motion sensing (six axes) and vibration
  • Analogue thumb sticks and action buttons as well as ergonomically designed, concave L2/R2 triggers
  • Comfortable turbo function
  • Three metres cable length
  • Home Button

The L2 and R2 buttons should be given special mentioning. The concave triggers were implemented here, instead of the common form as used on the original pad – similar to the ones used on the Xbox 360 control pad.

The Wired Controller offers the same functionality as the wireless alternative with rumble, motion control and a turbo function, but a lower retail price due to its wired connection.

Extra PS3 Triggers included.