2.1 Speaker System
Officially Licensed 2.1 Speakers System Sit back and enjoy your gaming experience in full stereo sound.
Glo Sword
The Glo Sword uses 22 bring LED lights which can light up in either a blue or green beam. The item can be used in games such as LEGO Star Wars or Force Unleashed.
Mega Pack
The Wii Mega Accessory Pack Contains all the key accessories you need to enjoy Wii Sports and more.
Motion XS Controller
The Motion XS is the enlargement of the Wii Remote or the Snakebyte Remote XS.
Premium Remote XL Motion Plus
Wii Motion Plus built directly into the Remote XL+
Racing Wheel
Bring the driving experience to life. Simply slip your Wii Remote into the Steering wheel and away you go. It has Ergonomic hand grips, a sensor slot, an additional B button and easy release.
Remote Charging Stand
The Remote Charging Stand unit will provide a stylish and secure way to recharge your Wii Remote Controls and store your console in its vertical position.
Remote XS controller
Super sleek and elegant design. Integrated speaker for realistic positional audio effects. Built-in memory to save settings and avatars. Strong vibration effects.