TX-1 Throat Mic Xbox 360

EAN: o812313016025
EAN: o812313016025

Whether it’s communicating through a barrage of explosions or giving co-ordinates in a covert special op, the TX-1 Throat Micis an indispensible piece of kit for any successful combat mission. Utilizing a concept previously used in military aircraft, the TX-1 detects sound from the neck and transmits accurate voice signal for the clearest communication. The TX-1 Throat Micis effective in environments where other microphones don’t come close!

  • Precise Sensors:The microphone detects sound direct from the neck for high quality sound transmission.
  • Fully Adjustable Neck Band:For improved comfort -because one size never fits all!
  • Superior Fit:Ergonomically designed rubber ear cushions ensure a precise in-ear fit, allowing longer game play in comfort.
  • Noise Isolation:Reducing background noise for optimum voice clarity.
  • Flip it 180º:Lefty or Righty? Flip the Throat Mic180°and you can wear the earphone in either your left or right ear!