Age Of Empires II - Gold Edition

MAC10325<br>EAN 828068103255
EAN 828068103255

Lead one of the most powerful civilizations of the Middle Ages to greatness. Raise your armies. Forge alliances. Grow a thriving market economy. Build wonders to stand the test of time. There are many paths to power, but only one civilization will reign supreme.

Join forces with other civilizations. Establish trading blocs. Create a global strategy of conquest and survival.
A market-based economy lets you open up new avenues of trade with your allies and create new methods of conquering your enemies. Build a rich empire by building markets, buying and selling resources, and establishing new trade routes.

Age of Empires II, you can command any one of 13 mighty civilizations. These include the Franks, Japanese, Byzantines, Vikings, Mongols, Celts and more. Each civilization has unique attributes, strengths and weaknesses, buildings and technologies, as well as a unique combat unit based on its historical counterpart.

Five new civilizations, four new historical campaigns, eleven new units, different maps, and a whole bunch of new features