The Movies superstar edition

Behind every box office hit is a Hollywood mogul… in The Movies, that mogul is you.

Build your studio from an empty lot into a glittering Hollywood empire by producing must-see blockbusters, creating huge stars and giving the movie-going public exactly what they want to see.

If you are more 'talent' than 'suit', then why not settle into the director's chair? The Movies comes packed with tools to help you write and direct your own films. Once your have polished your films to perfection, you can upload them to The Movies Online website and show the world your best shots.

Welcome to the dream factory, baby!

Run the Studio. Make the Movies. Create the Stars!

Based on an original idea from gaming legend Peter Molyneux, The Movies offers a unique combination of creativity, play and challenge. There are three parts to the game - running the studio, nurturing movie stars and making your own movies.

Run the Studio

The Movies puts you in charge of running a Hollywood motion picture studio and your challenge is to create a string of box office successes. Easier said than done, especially as many of the things you’ve heard about Hollywood are right here in The Movies - from your stars getting 'tired and emotional', to filming going way over budget, to a rookie director creating the surprise hit of the year!

Create the Stars

A big star can guarantee that a movie will open big and part of your deal is to create the very biggest Stars. You must find promising young actors and manage their rise to stardom, while keeping them healthy, happy and away from some of the less wholesome temptations of Tinseltown…

Make the Movies.

The Movies has everything you need to write and direct your own mini-feature films. When you are done with the shoot, take your film into post-production to edit scenes, add music, sound effects and voiceovers. You can even lip-synch the actors. How cool is that?