Lord Of the Rings

The Dark Lord has arisen. A Fellowship is formed. Now the future of Middle-earth lies in your hands. Play as Frodo, Gandalf, and Aragorn as you overcome perilous obstacles and battle the forces of evil. In your Journey from the Shire to the River Anduin, you will explore beautifully detailed environments and meet many characters brought to life as described in the book. Prepare to play the greatest story ever written.

• Fight through hordes of enemies as Aragorn.
• Cast a lethal arsenal of magic as Gandalf.
• Use stealth, cunning, and The One Ring as Frodo.

The greatest story ever written now makes its way to Nintendo GameCube and introduces Legolas as a playable character! Now you can play as the courageous Hobbit Frodo, the clever Magician Gandalf, the fearless Aragorn and the Elvin master of the bow and arrow- Legolas.