Nikita: Myst. of the hidden Treasure W-Series

EAN: 7350021963543
EAN: 7350021963543
  • Embark on a pirate voyage packed with exciting adventures! Discover uncharted, exotic islands!
  • Use your dexterity and cunning! Get the Magic Saber before Captain Doger finds it.
  • Discover the mystery of the Isles of the Seven Seas.
  • Face your enemies in real pirate duels!

Breathtaking fun in the world of pirate duels, adventures and mysteries!

It all started with an old chest and a mysterious map. According to Nikita’s father – a notorious pirate called Foxus – the map leads to a magical land where the Great Pirate Treasure is buried. The most important part of the treasure is a Magical Saber which can be used to gain control over the seas and oceans of the world!

Tempted by the vision of such power, an old sea dog, pirate Doger is planning to recover the Magical Saber and become the Master of the Seven Seas! In a desperate attempt to stop him Nikita’s father, old Foxus is preparing his daughter for the journey to thwart Captain Doger’s vicious plot.

Join Nikita as she defeats evil Doger’s pirates. Find the Magical Saber and solve the mystery of the Pirate Treasure!