Rayman M

Think you can handle the heat? Trip-up opponents and find shortcuts in a high-speed foot race, go head-to-head in a gladiator style arena to defeat your opponent and reign supreme.

Master 2 Modes of Gameplay: -

  •  12 tracks and 12 arenas.
  •  3 distinctive modes in both tracks and arenas.
  •  6 bonus modes.

Unleash 8 canny characters and 11 new weapons


Experience pure madness: -

  •  Compete in 4-player**split-screen action.
  •  Advanced CPU opponents.
  •  True rewarding system to unlock new levels.

Delve into immersive worlds: -

  •  Customised sound design - each character has his own music … be the winner and you will invade the game with your music theme.
  •  Master your environments to go faster and trip up your opponent with tricks and hidden passages, changing paths, moving decks and falling walls.