PetPals: Animal Doctor W-Series

EAN: 7350021963659
EAN: 7350021963659

Diagnose and treat 35 exciting new cases in Legacy Interactive's latest and greatest vet game. Featuring all your favorite animals including dogs cats birds horses rodents fish and reptiles this realistic simulation includes over 40 different medical instruments and helpful hints at every step of the way.

Pet Pals: Animal Doctor will tug on your heartstrings make you laugh and challenge your mind as you take care of all the sick animals at your neighborhood veterinarian's office.

35 unique lovable pets familiar and exotic beautifully rendered and 3D animated

  • Urgent emergency cases written by real-life working vets
  • 3 levels of difficulty for animal lovers 8 years and up
  • Cases are replayable so you are able to visit your favorite cases as many times as you like
  • Fun trivia and puzzle challenges