Airbus Fleet

The recent excitement about the Airbus A380 has brought the world’s most foremost aircraft producer to everyone’s attention. Now with this package for your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004 you can enjoy the Airbus fleet of aircraft. From the old style analogue gauges of the A310-300 right through to the modern glass cockpits of the A320 and upwards. A310

* A319
* A320
* A330
* A340
* A350

Each aircraft has a detailed instrument panel and gauges, interior Virtual Cockpit with a full 3D panel and customised FMC.

Each plane comes with a set of striking liveries to choose from:

* Standard House and NEW House colours
* Singapore Airlines
* Lufthansa
* Qantas
* China Southern
* Air France
* Virgin Atlantic
* Thai
* British Airways
* Korean Airlines
* SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Airbus Collection comes with a collection of authentic passenger routes and schedules to follow.

Hot on the heels of its best-selling big brother Airbus A380 from earlier this year, First Class Simulations brings together for the first time your opportunity to fly the Airbuses 310, 319, 320, 330, 340 and the 350. Developed by respected US based developer/publisher Abacus Publishing, Airbus Fleet showcases the aircraft builder’s superb ability to design and build a range of aircraft for the full spectrum of the airline industry’s requirements.

From the A310 with its old style analog instrumentation, right through to the modern glass cockpits of the A320 and the A350 (the newest member that´s still on the drawing board) Airbus Fleet will give you a real appreciation of how magnificent a range of aircraft Airbus has designed and built over the past thirty five years.