Aircraft Powerpack

The Aircraft Powerpack is a combing of 2 outstanding packages into one.


Wings of Power for Microsoft Flight Simulator X & FS 2004 includes:

For those out there that live for realism and depth, Wings of Power delivers on a scale never seen before.  However, even with all of this tremendous detail, you can still just throw the throttle forward and fly away……

-        Aircraft built with “Absolute Realism” Technology

-        Beautiful effects including start-ups and belly landings

-        50 new flights

-        Lancaster Blll / “Grand Slam”

-        Ar-234B2 “Blitz Bomber”

-        B-24D/B-24J “Liberator”

-        Focke Wulf Ta-183 “Raven”

-        B-17F/B-17G “Flying Fortress”

-        B-29A “Superfortress”

-        He-162A “Salamander”

-        PB4Y-“ “Privateer”

-        More


Firepower for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 includes:

With FirePower for Microsoft Combat Simulator 3, you will experience air combat like never before with over 50 missions.  The #1 PC Gaming Magazine, PCGamer, said FirePower has “the most spectacular looking pyrotechnics the sim world has ever witnessed.”  Now FirePower is back and it is better than ever.

-        Award-winning explosions, visual effects, and sound

-        50 new missions

-        Added exclusive bonus – Wings of Power P-51D “Mustang”

-        B-17F / B-17G “Flying Fortress” Heavy Bomber

-        B-29A “Superfortress” Heavy Bomber

-        B-24J “Liberator”

-        Lancaster BIII / “Grand Slam”

-        P-40 “Warhawk”

-        He-162 “Salamander”

-        Ar-234B2 “Blitz Bomber”

-        Do-217M

-        Do-217N2

-        D-520

-        Me-410

-        Me-334 “Interceptor”

-        Ta-152H1 / Ta-152C1-R31

-        Ho-229V5 “Flying Wing”

-        More