Medallion series

Catz 5 & Dogz 5
Catz® and Dogz® are virtual PetzTM that live on your computer! Like real ones, they need someone to care for them and to treat them well.
Amerzone - The explorer legacy
You, as the player, are a journalist who has been summoned by the aged explorer who has been "branded" with questionable credibility for over 50 years.
Big Mutha Truckers 2
Ma Jackson, owner of Big Mutha Truckers, Inc., has announced to her four kids that she is calling it quits. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy though -- Ma´s four kids are a difficult bunch.
CSI: Dark Motives
A first-person adventure game that will test player as they examine crime scenes, question witnesses and analyze evidence utilizing the latest in forensic equipment.
FlatOut is an adrenaline-filled racing game that brings cheap, rusty, banged-up cars to battle it out on intensive closed courses. First one to the finish line hogs not only the road but also most of the prize money, so it´s every man for himself with all means necessary.
Lego Star Wars
The world's most successful film series meets the world’s most successful toy in the epic video game LEGO Star Wars. This brilliantly conceived alliance blends the unique world and designs of LEGO play materials with the unforgettable characters, stories and vehicles of the prequel eras of the Star Wars universe.
No One Lives Forever 2
While Cate Archer wasn´t the first popular superspy to spoof the sometimes hammy settings, villains, and plots of the numerous James Bond movies, she was the first computer game character to do so in such a successful manner.
Rayman M
Think you can handle the heat? Trip-up opponents and find shortcuts in a high-speed foot race, go head-to-head in a gladiator style arena to defeat your opponent and reign supreme.