EAN: 4020628509064
EAN: 4020628509064

Mythos lets you experience exciting Hack'n'Slash action in a comic book style atmosphere with no monthly fees. Hunt down monster after monster on your own or with friends in murky, randomly generated dungeons. The treasures you find will improve your character's armour, giving you the upper-hand in enthralling PvP duels with your fellow players. There are four races and three character classes to choose from and the multitude of character-specific skills give you the power to create a truly unique character. As a Pyromancer, Gadgeteer, or Bloodletter you'll put the fear of god into your opponents with your talents for summoning, and close-, or long-range combat. Your well-honed crafting skills will ensure you and your friends always have the mightiest weapons and armour.


  • Come and discover the world of Mythos, explore fascinating regions, and encounter fearsome monsters in dark and mysterious dungeons!
  • This unique box version of Mythos contains access to all game content, a printed handbook, a high-quality poster and many bonus items with a value of over 10 Euros exclusive to this edition.