Demolition Company

WEN3482 EAN 7350021963482
WEN3482 EAN 7350021963482

Take over management of an emerging demolition company. The game contains a variety of jobs that can be performed in different parts of the city. Get behind the wheel of a whole series of detailed construction and demolition machines and destroy old buildings with the demolition ball and excavators. Place explosives or go tearing walls with pneumatic drill. Waste from the demolition is dumped and driven away automatically. After completing the job, you can use your earned money to invest in new vehicles to unlock more missions in the city.

  • A wide variety of construction and demolition machines
  • Many contracts in various districts such as ports, factories, parking lots, "Old Town" and the suburbs
  • Locations with device-specific training missions
  • Expand the game with automatic "MOD" installations
  • From the developers of the Farming Simulator-Games!