Crazy Machines Ultimate

Fun for the whole family with a series of wacky and challenging puzzles designed to test your problem solving skills! CRAZY MACHINES ULTIMATE EDITION includes CRAZY MACHINES COMPLETE and CRAZY MACHINES COMPLETE 2 with 600 levels to master!

CRAZY MACHINES COMPLETE  lets you fulfil the inventor in you and create some wacky and exciting machines from scratch by using your imagination and creativity. From firing catapults to pulling levers and flipping switches, Crazy Machines is a fun way to stimulate your creativity and put your logic and problem-solving skills to the test while you attempt to make some of the craziest contraptions work.

CRAZY MACHINES COMPLETE 2 takes you on an incredible world tour and puts your skills to the test with challenging puzzles from around the globe. With over 200 different elements to create and destroy, Crazy Machines 2 Complete will keep you hooked for hours!