Gobliiins 4

In this forth chapter, the game returns to where it all began: the main characters are the three goblins, each a unique personality with his own set of skills. Tchoup can pick items and keep them in his pockets, and he’s a detective. His friend Stucco is not as good at the deductive reasoning (to be honest, he’s not good at all!) – but he is strong enough to do lifting and climbing. The third goblin, Perlius, is the one with the magic powers and a dark sense of humor.
The player with help of three goblins is to find the way through the 16 levels, helping the Orycterope Riri, defeating the monstrous Lettuce Eater and flying into deep space. There are 16 levels in the game, one of them is locked Bonus level - to unlock it the player has to find a hidden golden teeth on each of the first 13 levels.

Game Concept
The game is based on the classical concepts of the first Gobliiins: there are three characters with unique abilities. Every screen of the gameplay is a separate set of puzzles, all objects and items to solve the puzzle can be found at the same level. Now the characters may make as many mistakes as they need - there is no mistakes-counter anymore. Art design of the game is very colorful and somewhat childish, (Pierre describes it as "the kidults style"), but puzzles are by no means childish, they are tricky indeed. There are a lot of various gags, jokes and funny things in the game, so the atmosphere is really cheerful.