Caesar IV

MED2061<br>EAN: 7350021969118
EAN: 7350021969118

The best-selling historic city-building game of all time is back, more magnificent than ever! Construct and rule the mightiest cities of the Roman Empire. Will you take the military or economic route to power? Will the citizens salute you or revolt? Fend off barbarians and appease the gods. Your choice decide Rome’s fate... and your own.

  • New amazing graphics engine delivers impressive, realistic day and night effects and dramatic changing weather conditions, from every possible angle.
  • Intelligent citizen behaviour - Your city is alive with real people who live, work and interact in realistic and logical ways
  • Take your best city online and see how you stack up against Caesar player around the world
  • Pursue a military or economical path to the throne in campaignmode,giveyourimagination free rein in sandbox mode or compete online