DiskCopy and Clean

Safely Copy Everything to Your New Drive & Permanently Erase Data from Your Old Drive

Are you purchasing a new hard drive? Disk Copy & Clean is the perfect solution for upgrading from your old hard drive to your new hard drive.

DiskCopy & Clean's moves all your data, applications and Windows to your new hard in one easy step. Plus, if you have partitions on your old hard drive, they can be moved and expanded proportionally to your new hard drive.

1-Move Everything to Your New Hard Drive

DiskCopy & Clean™ automatically transfers everything from your old hard drive to your new hard drive without missing any of your programs, settings, preferences or data - even your Operating System! There is no need to re-install anything. With our Copy Wizard™, you can copy the contents of your old drive to your new drive with a single click.

  • Copies everything or selected="selected" partitions
  • Expands partitions to fit the new hard drive
  • Surface scan options to detect bad sectors
  • One-click Copy Wizard™
  • No installation required - runs from CD
  • Works with all PC-based operating systems
  • New! Copy & Clean™ works with all USB Drives!

2-Works with All Operating Systems & Partitions
DiskCopy & Clean supports all PC operating systems and existing partitions. It automatically copies them for you and gives you the option to have them proportionally expanded on your new drive.

3-Permanently Erase Your Old Hard Drive
DiskCopy & Clean ensures data on a hard drive is truly erased and unrecoverable. With other techniques such as deleting files, folders, formatting or even deleting partitions, all of the data still resides on the drive and can be easily recovered. DiskCopy & Clean wipes your disk completely clean by overwriting the data to make it unrecoverable.

4-Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

  • Erase the entire drive or select a specific partition
  • Exceeds US Department of Defense security standards
  • Compatible with all Windows drives and operating systems
  • Cover your Internet tracks
  • Runs even if OS no longer is working or stable
  • Validates success and creates a certificate of erasure


Computer Active Reviews DiskCopy & Clean - Scores 4/5
"A quick and powerful tool."

Tech radar.com reviews DiskCopy & Clean
"Data and system recovery software is an essential product to keep on your shelf."

PC Answers review of Disc Copy & Clean – Scores 77%
“As a piece of copying software it performs well and has a neat feature in its ability to expand partitions quickly to fit a new drive”