Drive Erase Pro PC

Erase Sensitive Data from Your Hard Drive - Permanently.

If you are planning to sell or donate your PC - or to pass it on to another employee - you had better plan to purge your hard drive of confidential data.

Chances are that online banking information, payroll data, National Insurance numbers, credit card numbers, confidential email, personal photos still exist on your hard drive - even if you've emptied those files from the Recycle Bin.

Completely Erase Hard Drive Data:

  • Erase your entire drive or selectively shred individual files - permanently
  • Includes a boot disc for 100% erasing
  • Supports seven data destruction standards
  • Compatible with all Windows hard drives, regardless of size or interface
  • Wipe multiple PCs as many times as you like
  • Create and store your own wiping algorithms

SurfSecret Privacy Protector erases your Internet tracks

Drive Erase Pro completely and permanently erases data from your hard drive. In fact, Drive Erase Pro deletes all of the data on your hard drive - easily, securely, and permanently. And it does it all to the highest standards, complying with Department of Defence security requirements and more