Get a faster PC, plus Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware protection!

Is your PC slowing down, crashing or simply not booting? Fix-It Utilties will restore your PC back to its former health. Get speed, power & performance from your computer with over 40 maintenance and optimization tools.

Defend your PC with integrated anti-virus and anti-spyware tools. Fix-It Utilities finds and prevents problems before they happen and provides easy, schedule maintenance to keep your PC running like new!


  • Includes 1 year of free pattern file updates via Internet for anti-virus and anti-spyware.
  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and firewall feature installation are not required.


3-User License - For up to 3 PCs. That's under £10 per PC!

  • 40+ Integrated Tools
  • One-Step Fix & Repair Wizards
  • Comprehensive Anti-Virus Protection
  • Spyware Protection & Removal
  • Diagnose and Fix Problems
  • Windows Startup Manager
  • Registry Repair & Maintenance
  • Windows & File Recovery Tools

Get Speed, Power & Performance from Your PC!

One-Step Maintenance & Repair Wizards

  • Choose the fix, cleaning or optimization to fit your needs or performance a comprehensive system tune-up automatically. Let Fix-It Utilities do the work for you with built-in scheduling.

Optimize Wizard

  • Optimizes your hard drive and system registry for improved system performance.

FixUp Wizard

  • Check your hard drive for signs of failure, scans your life system and registry for problems and tests your hardware.

CleanUp Wizard

  • Backs up your system files and cleans out unnecessary files and registry entries.

Integrated Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Protection

Anti-Virus Protection

  • Prevent your system from being infected with harmful viruses, trojans and worms. Get real-time protection from viruses in email messages and attachments as they arrive and as files are opened.

Spyware Prevention & Removal

  • Dangerous spyware can infect your system in many ways. Prevent spyware from harming your computer with real-time protection. Scan automatically of on demand and remove existing spyware and malware.

Keep Your PC Running Better, Faster & Longer

  • With over 40 integrated tools, Fix-It Utilities will fix, repair and optimize your PC for maximum performance.

Diagnose System Problems

  • Fix-It Utilities includes powerful diagnostic tools to aid in finding problems with your system.

PC Health Monitoring

  • System Protection and health status meters give you an instant overview of your PC's health.

Improve PC Performance

  • Regain wasted disk space,repair hard drive problems and speed up Windows Startup.

Windows Startup Manager

  • Identify and remove startup programs that slow down and may even harm your system.

Hardware Diagnostic Testing

  • PCDiagnosticsTMchecks and reports on your installed system hardware including memory, hard drives, USB, network cards, video and sounds cards, modems and more!

95+ PC Diagnostic Tests

Unbeatable Registry Cleaning

  • System Registry lets you fix, edit, clean and optimize your Windows Registry with the most comprehensive set of registry tools available today.

Emergency Fix and Rescue Tools

  • Quickly fix and restore your PC when it won't boot. Enhanced tracking and recovery features save your data and restore corrupted computer files.

Recovery Lost Photos, Music & Data

  • Accidentally deleted your photos, music or personal data? Instantly recover deleted files, photos, music, video, email and more with Fix-It Utilities built-in recovery features.

What's New!

System Optimizer

  • Users can select profiles to optimize their systems for certain PC tasks, like Gaming, Multimedia, Office tasks and Security. One click and you're optimized for maximum performance.

Securely Erase Your Data

  • Help prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands by securely erasing data from your hard drive. You'll be protected from Identity Theft as File Shredder meets U.S. Department of Defense Security cleaning standards, ensuring that erased data is completely unrecoverable.

Active Intelligence Monitor

  • Automatically checks the health and security status of your PC in the background ensuring you are always protected without you having to lift a finger.

Recover Commander - Enhanced!

  • Supports offloading files to an external USB Drive (and thumb drive), making recovery easier and more convenient than ever.

Awards and Reviews review of Fix-it Utilities 8 – Scores 7/10
“Superb collection of thorough cleaning and fixing utilities.” review of Fix-it Utilities 8
“Fix-it Utilities 8 will offer excellent value for most people, considering that it includes a year’s worth of virus protection updates and can be installed on up to three PCs at once.”
What Laptop review of Fix-it Utilities 8 – Scores 8/10
 “This set of utilities brings together over 30 of the best third-party utilities in one easy-to-use interface.”

Avanquest Fix-it Utilities 8 Professional utility software -
"... Fix-It Utilities will offer excellent value when you consider it includes a year’s virus protection updates and the fact that it can be installed on up to three PCs at once."

Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional - Computer Shopper
"Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional is a useful suite of tools for the general maintenance of your computer, and is particularly handy for the novice user."

"Fix-It Utilities is about as good as a repair and maintenance tool can get"
-Smart Computing, review of Fix-it Utilities 8 – Scores 8/10
“The easy-to-use interface and greater depth of tools does make it far easier to get to grips with giving your PC or notebook a regular cleaning.”

Fix-it Utilities 8 in Web User ‘Commercial PC-Fixing Software’ roundup – Scores 4/5 and Bronze award
“This application offers real-time spyware and anti-virus protection. It also lets you choose from a comprehensive selection of on-demand scans”