Agarest: Generations of War

In the void before time flowed and space existed, the twelve gods were. Gods of light and darkness, they came together to create the world of Agarest, a perfect and divine paradise. The gods created life, bringing forth animals and plants by the thousands-among them the intelligent races, such as elves and humans. But even paradise cannot last forever, and in time, war darkened the skies of Agarest.

Leonhardt has pledged his soul, and those of his descendants, to stealing the five Pillars of Life that are found on the five continents. Take Leonhardt and his progeny on an heroic journey to each land, battle the forces of "light“ and "darkness“ to unveil the family’s destiny.

Agarest is a full-on tactical RPG and one of the first to appear on PlayStation 3.


  • An heroic storyline with twists and turns depending
  • on your selections along the way leading to one of five endings.
  • A unique “Soul breed” system where your choice of Queen determines the look and attributes of your successor.
  • Control the battle arenas and bring in reinforcements.
  • Over 100 enemy types to encounter.
  • Over 800 items to find, unlock, use and review.

Unique game play elements and exciting storyline. The use of the female characters in the game and their influence on the outcome will be a central theme to the game.