Darkness Within 2 - The Dark Lineage Patch

Patch 1.02g is available for the English, French and German versions.

You can download it via this link

New features

* Added anti-aliasing support in video options
* Added more screen-resolutions in video options
* Added anisotropic filtering support in advanced options

Fixed list

* Fixed problem related to invisible error message about video-card incompatibility with Shader Model 3.0
* Fixed Windows Vista problem related to Administration privileges
* Fixed collision bugs in the “Old Building” location, and in the hidden place
* Fixed programming bugs in phonograph puzzle, cupboard door lock puzzle, and Morse code puzzle
* Fixed “Remembering” cut-scene and “Speaking machines” scripting bugs
* Fixed loading screen captions mistake in DDL version of the game
* Fixed clue descriptions and clue list headers mistake