Dual SFX Frag Pro 091114

14th Nov 2009

Here is the new tweak utility for the Dual SFX Frag Pro. It's possible to select 5 different levels (1-5) for different games. We recommed the setting it to LEVEL 3 for MW2 (with in-game custom level 10). Unzip and install on your PC and follow the instructions.

Further down you can find a pdf with detailed instructions in the nordic languages.

Download patch 091114

Watch the instructionvideo on how to upgrade.

Note: To save the battery life of the FragChuck: do not switch it OFF when you finish playing. Just leave it (ON) - it will go into Standby after some minutes. When you wish to play again, simply press 'Select'. And if you don’t play for several days, the best as in all electronic devices is to take them out.

Instructions (PDF)
Instructions (PDF)